Unlimited distance Audio Video Kit

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Audio Video Kit for video transmission and unlimited distance calling

This kit consists of:

  • audio system with gsm necklace + nano earphone
  • Professional camera for very high resolution video transmission
  • 10 batteries for earphone
  • manual in Italian for all configuration

About the gsm necklace:

How the system works

The first step is to insert a telephone SIM inside the necklace (it is advisable to use sim from vodafone or tim)

Then the battery is inserted into the micro earphone

Everything is ready!

From this moment, anyone, at an UNLIMITED distance by calling the number of the sim included in the series will automatically be able to enter into conversation with you.

You will hear his voice from the headset that you have placed in your ear and he will hear your voice (even whispering) thanks to the microphone placed inside the gsm necklace.

Regarding the camera:

High resolution camera with customized lens to correctly display writings, texts, small images both from sheets of paper and from PC screens.

The camera allows you to send to another device a unlimited distance in real time what he is framing.

Example: Angelo is in Rome and wears the secret camera, Marco is in Milan and from his mobile phone (through a special APP) he displays in real time everything that Angelo frames even small writings on sheets of paper or written on the PC.

How exactly does the system work?

The camera is very small and can be easily hidden under clothing or in objects. The camera needs one to work Internet connection (we are not talking about cameras with integrated gsm, those have a lower resolution)

The camera therefore needs a WIFI internet connection.

The hypotheses are 2

1st hypothesis: in the place where I have to transmit I have access to a wifi network (for example I will be at home or in my office) in this thing I do not need a portable wifi router.

2nd hypothesis: i will be in a place where i don't have access to wifi therefore i will have need to bring a Wifi router with me.

To prepare the camera it takes a few minutes and it will need to be connected to a wifi line, if I will be in a place where I have access, I will connect it to the modem whose data I know to connect, otherwise I will connect it to the portable wifi router that I will take with me hiding it. This procedure must be done once (even days before) and will not have to be repeated, once the camera has been set it will do everything automatically